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Symbolism of an Emerald Engagement Ring

E752 | play | medium | “Emerald ID:  E752, Weight:  0.61 Carats, Origin: Zambia”

The Green Color – Emeralds have a lot of meanings by themselves. The green color is tied in with spring, renewal, rebirth, growth, and even therapeutic properties for the eyes. There are also associations with wisdom too.

The Emerald – The gem itself is known to symbolize fidelity and true love, along with making an individual into a more eloquent speaker. The theory is that if you insert an emerald under the tongue of someone who is bad at speaking, they’ll become a poet.

In Vedic Astrology – Emeralds have a number of properties in vedic astrology too, including the ones mentioned above. They also boost creative ideas and hold healing properties for eyes, ears, and skin. These gems are associated with Mercury, or “Budh” which primarily rules over intellect.

Wealth – A more modern meaning to the green color is money, though this only came about because of the advent of green paper money. Before paper money was put into use, red and gold were considered the colors of wealth.

Meaning of the Ring & Metal

The Ring Shape – When set into an engagement ring, there are new meanings attached to the individual pieces.

The circle shape in general means infinity, and most if not all cultures universally agree on this meaning. This basic shape implies the sun, the moon, and other weird and lesser known symbols like the ouroboros. All cyclic elements of nature that continue on and on, which is why rings are one of the most popular choices for weddings and engagements. Putting the emerald into the ring is like saying you want these romantic meanings to go on forever.

Classic Metals – The metals have their own meanings too. Gold symbolizes wealth and spiritual positivity, and as a ring those meanings are extended to eternity.

Silver is empathetic, meaning it channels the meanings from the gem into the wearer. This means you can get around having to stick an emerald under your tongue while still getting to become a poet. In the ring format with the “infinity” symbol, silver reinforces the meaning of the primary gem.
New Metals – Metals like platinum or titanium lack historic meaning the way the other metals do. This also makes them representative of new ideas and what the future holds, with these new meanings molded with the jewelry

J8974 | medium | play | “Jewelry ID: J8974”

Bluish Green


Slightly Yellowish Green


Emerald ID:  E1001 Weight: 1.55 Carats Origin: Zambia


Emerald ID: E167 Weight: 1.01 Carats Origin: Zambia


Emerald ID:  E1096 Weight: 1.05 Carats Origin: Zambia

Matching Colors – For individuals who are looking to be very romantic, consider matching the emerald color to another piece of emerald jewelry your spouse already has or something else meaningful to them. From matching the color of the stone to the style of the setting, the Natural Emerald Company provides educational information to help everyone better understand what they want from their emerald jewelry.

Famous Emerald Engagement Rings

Jackie Kennedy’s Engagement Ring

This emerald engagement ring was made and designed by Vancleef & Arpels, and set Kennedy himself back a million USD. It was set with a 2.88 carat diamond and 2.84 carat emerald balanced next to one another in the ring. This type of design with two center stones is a reference to the relationship between the couple. It is the reason infinity rings are so popular for engagements and weddings.

Jackie Kennedy’s Engagement Ring

19.77 Carat Emerald

Wallace Simpson’s Engagement Ring

Wallace Simpson had an ongoing affair with King Edward the VIII back in the early 1900s, and was gifted so many pieces of fine jewelry by the man that her jewelry collection rivaled that of royalty. After much controversy over him being king of the United Kingdom marrying a twice divorced woman with two living exes, he abdicated the throne to marry her. As a result Edward’s brother George VI (Queen Elizabeth II’s father) became king instead.

Considered to be one of the most infamous stories of love in recent history, he proposed to Simpson with a 19.77 emerald, placed in a setting designed by Cartier.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Emeralds

While on the set of Cleopatra (1963), Elizabeth Taylor (playing Cleopatra)  had been having an affair with Richard Burton (playing Mark Antony), of whom she eventually married. During the filming of this movie, he gifted her this brooch designed by Bvlgari and set with a Colombian emerald weighing 23.46 carats.

While technically not a ring, additional gifts of stunning emerald jewelry designed by Bulgari followed the brooch including a necklace (that the brooch could hang as a pendant from), a bracelet, earrings, and of course a ring. All set with emeralds the size of walnuts.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Bulgari Jewelry Suite

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