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Price of an Emerald Wedding Band

Emerald ID: JB403PT
Price: $1,461.35 USD

Based on the inventory of the Natural Emerald Company, the price of an emerald wedding band will start around $1,300 USD, excluding all other fees. It goes up to $3,247 USD. This is just for our range of wedding bands, other rings can go for as much as $180,000 USD when discussing large, top-quality emeralds. Auction houses can sell items worth millions, though this is the extreme high end of jewelry pricing.

Labor Costs

While the emeralds are usually the main cost of any piece of jewelry, the second largest cost will be the labor of making the piece. If a jeweler is working with lots of smaller gems, like in the emerald band below, labor is the biggest cost of the jewelry.

It should also be noted that matching color for colored gems like emeralds is very, very challenging.

Color is made up of three parts:

Emerald ID: JB374PT
Price: $3,355.54 USD
  • Hue – What most people consider the “color”
  • Tone – How light or dark the gem is
  • Saturation – Indicates how pure the color is, like if the gem is greenish gray, grayish green, or green.

Since each part is a sliding scale with a large range, matching is problematic. However, emerald is a special title for select few pieces of green-colored beryl with specific coloring. This means emeralds are some of the most easily matched colored gems, though even this one color has a huge range of possible appearances.

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