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Company ESG: Environmental / Social / Governance

At The Natural Emerald Company, our ESG initiatives reflect our dedication to sustainability, ethical sourcing, employee welfare, and governance. Our responsible sourcing practices, focus on fair employee compensation and benefits, and stringent compliance framework position us as leaders in the jewelry industry. We take pride in our environmental consciousness, commitment to social well-being, and robust governance practices, setting a high standard for corporate responsibility in our industry.


At The Natural Emerald Company, we are committed to environmental responsibility. Our approach to precious metals sets us apart—we partner with casting houses that prioritize recycled and second-hand gold, significantly reducing the need for newly mined metals. By sourcing gemstones exclusively from established, small family mining and cutting companies, we ensure responsible mining practices and minimal environmental impact, supporting local communities in the process.


We prioritize the welfare of our employees and uphold high workplace standards. Our non-USA-based employees receive wages far beyond local standards and enjoy comprehensive benefits.
We also have many charitable programs that we’ve supported over the years.  Some of our projects can be seen here.

Also worth noting many of our employees have been with the company for more than a decade; our company culture is team-work, we are very proud of our healthy work culture and long term team members that continue to work with us year after year.


Governance and compliance are fundamental pillars of our operations. We employ a dedicated compliance officer to oversee legal operations, tax compliance, and reporting governance. This proactive approach underscores our dedication to transparency, ethical conduct, and adherence to regulatory frameworks across all facets of our business.

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