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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose The Natural Emerald Company

We know choosing the perfect emerald is an extremely important decision. We aim to make our customer’s search as easy as possibly through extensive selection options and the most comprehensive educational resource on all-things-emeralds on the internet. Simply put, providing quality, rarity, and value are the cornerstones of our emerald business.

Rarity and Value

emerald lab report
Lab report on one of our lovely emeralds.

Many other websites have wonderful looking pictures of the emeralds they offer for sale. Yet, in most cases what is shown is a ‘marketing picture’ of an item that does not really exist. It’s called pre-selling. If you order the item, you won’t know what you’re getting until it arrives.

Cutting Quality

emerald three stone ring
One of our creations – a lovely emerald and  diamond three-stone ring.

A gemstone’s beauty is directly affected by the quality of its cut. A good cut will maximize an emerald’s color, clarity, and carat weight and create a well-proportioned, symmetrical gemstone. We pride ourselves on having excellent-cut emeralds in all shapes and sizes.

Price, Education & Disclosure

We offer extremely competitive pricing on all of our emeralds and emerald jewelry. Competitors may offer lower prices, but the emeralds presented will not match the quality we offer or the care in how the emeralds are cut and set in jewelry. Education is key when dealing with emeralds, and the more information you can arm yourself with, the more confident you can be in your choice. To aid in that process, we have compiled an extensive Education section that addresses all manner of knowledge about emeralds and jewelry.

Specialists, Selection & Reliability

emerald ring CAD rendering
A side angle view of one of our expert jewelry renderings.

We are specialists!
Emeralds. Emeralds. Emeralds.  It’s what we do.
For thousands of years emeralds have been the most treasured possessions of many cultures, races and religious histories.  Emeralds being our sole focus, we strive to have the finest quality, selection and educational materials for our discerning clients.

In the details view of our items, there will always be a ‘Status’ label. “Status: Available” means that the item is here, ready to ship from our premises.  If the Status of the item shows “Status: Out on Request” that means that someone is looking at the item, it is being held, or currently on hold. We never offer for sale merchandise that we have not physically inspected by our trained staff and gemologists.

Reputation and History

We first opened our doors in 1939. For four generations we have built our company on a strong foundation of superior transparency, trust, and ethics. We take great pride in our reputation for over 80 years.

Visit us in our showroom, learn about our company history, or see who we are on our staff page. We want our clients to learn everything about us and ask us any questions they may have; we are very proud of our history and reputation.

3D Scan Reports

3D emerald scan
A 3D scan report on one of our emeralds.

We use the most advanced 3D scanning technology to scan the facets and overall shape of each of our emeralds. This report shows the exact facet angles, dimensions, percent measurements, and symmetry details of a stone, and allows our customers to view each emerald in extreme detail.

Other jewelry and gemstone websites often don’t show the full details of the items they are selling. We want our customers to know that all of the photos and video’s on our website are taken by our own photography department and show the exact loose emeralds or emerald jewelry that you will receive.

 ID Reports and Laboratory Certifications

All of our emeralds are accompanied by a comprehensive identification report issued by our staff gemologists. These reports are not marketing documents, but rather professional certifications that conform to industry standards and are recognized by insurance companies.

The Natural Emerald Company employs the same GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified gemologists that third party laboratories employ, and has the same standards in reporting. Our internal reports are as accurate and guaranteed as any high quality, third-party laboratory.

emerald diamond bracelet
One of our finished emerald jewelry pieces, a lovely emerald and diamond bracelet.

Some emeralds are accompanied by a third party laboratory report in addition to our in-house documentation. These stones have been randomly selected from our inventory to be audited by an independent laboratory to maintain our position of quality control and reporting.

From Mine to Market

We work directly with the mining companies that supply the rough crystals that are mined around the world. We work with highly experienced emerald cutters right here in New York where our head office is located. We bring emeralds directly from the mine to the marketplace.

natural emerald crystals
Natural emerald crystals as they are recovered during mining.

The majority of our clients are purchasing for an engagement or other emotionally significant occasion. For this reason, and from the frequent request of our customers, we only sell newly made jewelry and recently mined emeralds. We do not sell items that have been purchased previously, i.e. broken engagements, 2nd hand or estate jewelry.

Our Passion

We’re in this business because we love what we do. Plainly put, we have a passion for fine quality emeralds. We love to work with people who are as excited about emeralds as we are, and be part of seeing their perfect piece of jewelry come to life.

Our Customers Love Us

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