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Luck and Emerald Engagement Rings

Jewelry ID: EJ132
Weight: 0.35 Carats
Origin: Zambia

Emeralds are considered to be symbols of true love, along with an assortment of womanly virtues like chastity. Everyone associates green with nature too, which means renewal and rebirth.

This article would not be complete without mentioning an old wive’s tale about how emerald engagement rings will make the wedding never happen, and make the bride-to-be die an old maid. Very dramatic, and contrary to the true love bit (which some old maid might have been bitter about). However, there are some famous ladies known for emeralds with quite the love life.

One love story that everyone knows is Cleopatra and her romance with Mark Antony. While her story was one of tragedy, the romance was legendary along with her love of emeralds.

Supposedly she laid claim to one of the largest emerald mines thousands of years ago, and used them to even carve tokens with her likeness for departing dignitaries. A geological survey team supposedly found these mines, though rather than emeralds the mines had hosted peridot. This is another vividly green gem that was also called emerald at the time.

Jackie Kennedy’s Engagement Ring

A more contemporary and less tragic example of emeralds, leading ladies, and romance would be Jackie Kennedy’s ring. It was created by the design house of Van Cleef & Arpels, and set Kennedy back a million plus dollars. It remains one of the most unique designs ever made for an engagement ring. 

Actress Halle Berry also received an engagement ring with a huge Colombian emerald. She has been married with children, contrary to superstition claiming otherwise.

Not to mention green is widely considered a lucky color anyways from St. Patrick’s Day to the therapeutic visual properties of green. Emeralds are amongst the three most popular colored gemstones on the market alongside rubies and sapphires.

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