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Emerald Ring Meaning

The individual pieces (the emerald and the ring) as well as the entirety of an emerald ring can all have their own meanings attached.  This is why wedding bands are often plain metal bands. Combining them not only combines the meanings, but makes new ones too.


E1572 | play | right | medium | “Emerald ID: E1572, Weight: 1.61 Carats, Origin: Colombia” By themselves, emeralds are associated with nature and a number of affiliated deities throughout history. The nature aspect of the stone inherently ties in with rebirth and renewal. This means beginnings and endings, the continuation of cycles, as well as healing. The green color is very therapeutic for the eyes.

Other meanings tied into emeralds are good luck, poetry, and surprisingly true love! A lot of people associate green with money, and red with love. Interestingly enough, historically the attributes of red with money and green with love were the standard, since green paper money is a relatively new invention.

As to  the relevance of true love, emeralds were thought to prove whether you had been faithful or not to your spouse. It also has stories of making engaged couples split, along with leaving ladies to become old maids. These folktales sound like something an old, bitter maid might come-up with.


EJ132 | medium | play | left | “Jewelry ID: EJ132, Weight: 0.35 Carats, Origin : Zambia”

Rings are circular, which brings to mind the widespread idea of infinity and cycles. An emerald’s heavy connection with the idea of nature also comes back to this meaning of cycles and renewal.

The idea of circles and infinity goes beyond rings. There are other weird and lesser known historic symbols such as Ourobouros (shown below), the snake/dragon that forever eats its own tail, which relates to infinity in the same fashion. Representation of these symbols might vary, but the circular representation of some type is consistent across the board. A perfectly circular appearance is not always strictly required and can be oval-shaped too, or even box-shaped (an iteration frequently used in books), but these can start to detract from the point of the circular shape.


Different jewelry metals like silver and gold have various meanings attached to them too. Gold has been known for not tarnishing since antiquity, and its yellow color is similar to the sun. Gold is considered to be an energizing metal that protects against negative energy, and is a color closely associated with kings, royalty, and wealth.

Silver is more associated with the moon and “sympathetic” energies, meaning channeling energy into the wearer. There are also newer metals like platinum and titanium that do not have historical meanings and symbolism attached to them, but this lack of history makes them representative of new ideas and flexible thinking.

uroboros Eating its Tail
Ouroboros Eating its Tail

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