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18K White Gold Ring Setting

Item ID: JS165
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18K White Gold
Quality, Value & Heart
100% Natural Emeralds
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Product description
The eternal connection of past, present, and future shine bright in this brilliant ring setting. This setting is designed to hold a trio of precious gemstones! Note the gleaming metal, draping like a trellis, that is connecting the two noble, oval-shaped side diamonds, to the main center gemstone. The allure of this ring is captured in the overall, ornately decorated design features. Four prongs hold the center stone. Pave diamonds sugar-coat the side shoulders, as patterned etchings grace the band on all sides, capturing an old world charm. Be sure to view our incredible and special inventory of Gemologist Recommended natural sapphires, so you can find the perfect oval-shaped sapphire, that will complement this luxurious ring setting. Now is the time to plan for your bright future together!
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