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Michael Arnstein
Birthplace: Livingston, New Jersey
Residence: New York, New York
What you do at NEC:
I am the 3rd generation working in our family business. I work in all areas of our company development from purchasing, software development, marketing and anything and everything in-between.
What you like about working at NEC:
Possibly the greatest gems in our inventory are our employees! I like to focus on maintaining a creative and supportive work environment here in our offices. Our employees work as a team to help each other and our customers.
I am an avid naturalist, which I define as a person who has a strong commitment to personal health, daily exercise, being creative in business ideas and and working through challenges are a daily focus both professionally and privately.
Learn Spanish, spend more time with my family, spend more time winter mountaineering, and retire in Hawaii growing my own fruit trees!
Questions or comments? Please email me: