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3 Fascinating Facts About Emeralds

Fun Facts To Know About Emeralds

Egyptian emerald ring reproduction
Reproduction of a classic Egyptian style ring featuring a hexagonal cut emerald set in gold.

For centuries emeralds have maintained a precious allure and a regal presence. If you were born in May, this special birthstone likely represents that you’re loyal, trusting, and down to earth. Since emeralds can be found around the world, it’s no wonder that this special gemstone has an array of knowledge surrounding it. Below, we lay out our top three fascinating facts about emeralds!

Romans, Aztecs, and Cleopatra Loved Emeralds

The vivid green of emeralds have for centuries been associated with new growth and life, hence their connections to fertility. In antiquity, Romans prized emeralds as one of the most valuable gemstones for its perceived powers to enhance fertility and properties of healing. Similarly, the Aztecs called emeralds “The Stone of the Earth” and commonly adorned fertility statues with the gemstone. As for Cleopatra, it is said that emeralds were her favorite gemstone, a piece of lore supported by the extensive mining endeavors supported by the Queen in Egypt where the first emeralds were discovered in 1500 B.C.

brazilian emerald crystal
A newly discovered, translucent emerald from a mine in Brazil.

Emeralds Seen as More Precious Than Diamonds

Emeralds are characterized by their inclusions, so when an emerald does not feature inclusions or has excellent clarity, it is considered extremely rare and precious, many would say it is more valuable than a diamond. Of the four precious gemstones – diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds – high quality emeralds are likely the most rare, and can be priced several times higher per carat than a diamond due to this rarity.

Rockefeller Emerald Set Auction Record

rockefeller emerald auction ring
The infamous 18.40 carat Rockefeller emerald.

In the spring of 2017, the Rockefeller Emerald sold at auction setting a new record of price per carat for emeralds. The famous 18.04 carat emerald was purchased by Harry Winston from Christie’s for $5.5 million equating to $305,000 per carat. Prior to this record, the auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s historic emerald necklace sold for $6.5 million in 2011, setting the price per carat at $280,000.