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18K White Gold Ring Setting

Item ID: JS916
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18K White Gold
Quality, Value & Heart
100% Natural Emeralds
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Product description
Opulent is what best defines this exquisite and fancy, pave diamond and halo wedding set! With extraordinary diamonds to dazzle the eye from every angle, this ring is on the wish list of every woman. This diamond encrusted engagement ring features a low comfortable profile, that is designed to hold a beautiful, radiant-cut center gemstone, which will rest within a halo of high quality diamonds in a bezel mount. Notice the gently raised bridge-like design of the engagement ring, raised ever so slightly with expert precision, to enhance the main stone and wedding band. Additional diamonds further accent the shoulders of the ring, along with the gorgeous matching diamond band, making for the perfect pair. A rare, natural sapphire will top off the true beauty of this bridal set.
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